Sinodul Bisericii Ortodoxe Ruse consideră problematice formulările „Sinodului din Creta” şi nu îl primeşte ca Ecumenic, nici deciziile sale ca obligatorii. De asemenea, se subliniază faptul că două treimi din episcopii din delegaţia sârbă nu au semnat mult disputatul document despre relaţia Bisericii (Ortodoxe) cu restul lumii creştine. Lucru semnalat la acea vreme şi de siteul nostru, dar ignorat de presa bisericească oficială de la noi.

Iată un extras din textul publicat pe siteul Patriarhiei Ruse:

38. The Episcopal Council approves the evaluation of the Council of First Hierarchs and bishops of ten Local Orthodox Churches which took place on the island of Crete from 18th to 26th June 2016 which is contained in the decision of the Holy Synod of 15th June 2016 (Journal no.48). This Council cannot be viewed as Ecumenical, and the decisions taken at it cannot be viewed as binding for the entire Orthodox Church since in the absence of the agreement of a number of Local autocephalous Orthodox Churches on holding the Council at a time early agreed upon the principle of consensus was violated. At the same time, we ought to recognize the Council on Crete as a significant event in the history of the Orthodox Church.

39. An analysis of the documents of the Council of Crete entrusted by the Holy Synod to the Synodal Biblical-Theological Commission has shown that some of them contain unclear and ambiguous formulations, which does not allow us to consider them exemplary expressions of the truths of the Orthodox faith and the Church’s Tradition. This is especially true of the document on “The Relationship of the Orthodox Church with the rest of the Christian world,” which was not signed by two thirds of the members of the delegation of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as individual bishops of a number of other Local Churches which took part in the work of the Council on Crete, which testifies to a significant difference in opinion in relation to this document even among the participants of the Council of Crete.

40. The members of the Council note the ambiguous attitude towards the Council which took place on Crete among the family of the Local Orthodox Churches, noting the commentaries of the Holy Synods of the Churches of Antioch (27th June 2016), Bulgaria (15th November 2016) and Georgia.

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