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April 10, 2014
To His Excellency, Francis,
Head of State of the Vatican City
Vatican City, Rome
Your Excellency,
With due respect and sincere love, we send you this Episcopal letter, the purpose of
which doesn’t come from any selfish motive, but from pure, sincere and selfless Christian
love, from Christian duty, from an essential commandment of our Savior Christ, Who
“desires all men to be saved and to come to a full knowledge of the truth,”1 and finally
from a warm and ardent desire for your salvation. Because of this we feel it to be our
holy and mandatory duty, as the least of the members of the All-holy and All-pure Body
of Christ, and especially as Orthodox Bishops, who belong as such to the Holy Synod of
the Holy Autocephalous Church of Greece, which is our highest ecclesiastical authority,
as to the whole and Undivided One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox Church, to
endeavor with all our might to restore you to the Mother Orthodox Catholic Church, from
which you left and from which you were cut off, a work which we hope, the Uncreated
Divine Grace of the Lord cooperating, shall be achieved. This holy obligation of the
11 Timothy 2:4
return of heretics to the Orthodox Church has, of course, holy canonical grounds and
basis and is supported by the 131st, 132nd, and 133rd holy Canons of the Local Council of
Carthage (418 or 419 A.D.).2
From the outset we must clarify that we Orthodox, not taking part in the politicallycorrect
spirit of western and especially ecumenist “Christianity,” do not refer to those
religious communities who have, sadly, been separated from the One, Holy, Catholic and
Apostolic Orthodox Church as “Churches.” But, following the example of our Holy
Fathers throughout the ages, refer to them as heretics, and you, Your Excellency, and
your followers, we denominate as “Papists” and your heresy as “Papism.” These terms
are, for us, not derogatory, neither are they slurs, but they are theological and even
technical terms which best describe the spiritual and ecclesiastical delusion and error in
which you find yourselves. We, in fact use them with love, for when one loves his
brother he tells him the truth hoping to bring him back to his senses.
It should also be made clear that the following words are written with pain of heart and
not from some personal bitterness or hatred towards your respectable personage. Our
purpose is not to offend you, but to reveal, rebuke, admonish and to refute your deluded
and heretical ideas, theories and actions. Our basic rule is that we should love the heretics
but rebuke and hate their heresy and delusions. Our only interest is our Holy Orthodoxy,
the only place in which humans have salvation. We unceasingly pray that our Lord Jesus
Christ gather together the deluded “Pope” and his followers, through repentance and the
renunciation of your delusion and heresy, into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic,
Orthodox Church and to assume as an Orthodox Pope, according to seniority of honor of
the Pentarchy and in agreement with the Divine and Holy Canons, the Chairmanship of
honor of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches as “primus inter pares.”
An additional reason, which shows the timeliness and importance of our present
Episcopal epistle, are the intrigues in the realm of the modern heretical Ecumenical
Movement with its ecumenist theological dialogues between Orthodox and Papists,
where the representatives from the Orthodox side, animated unfortunately by the panheretical
spirit of inter-Christian and inter-religious syncretistic ecumenism, and
employing the false ecumenist love, a “love” without true love and unity in the Orthodox
faith, deceive you, Your Excellency, claiming that Papism is a so called “Church,” and
moreover a “sister Church,” with valid Mysteries (Sacraments), Baptism, the Priesthood
and Grace, that Papism and Orthodoxy make up the so-called, “two lungs,” with which
the Church of Christ breaths, that you, the heretical “Pope,” are a canonical bishop,
successor of the Apostle Peter and Vicar of Christ on earth, who possess the
Apostolically, Scripturally and Patristically groundless and non-existent “Petrine”
primacy of power over all the Church, and the blasphemous “Papal Infallibility,” instead
of the true primacy of honor (διά τό εἶναι τήν Ρώμην πρωτεύουσα) as is commanded by
the Holy Canons of the undivided Church of the first millennium to which the Orthodox
Pope of Rome and Patriarch of the West is entitled, doctrines that are totally unknown
and without foundation or witness in the general Tradition of the Catholic Orthodox
Church of the first ten centuries and of the eight Holy Ecumenical Councils, doctrines
2 ΟΣΙΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΔΗΜΟΣ ΑΓΙΟΡΕΙΤΗΣ, Πηδάλιον, pp. 533-535.
which are a clear blasphemy against the All-Holy Spirit and which show your theological
departure and the satanic pride of which you are possessed. Clear proof of the absurdity
of the Orthodox Ecumenists is that, while they attribute to you ecclesiastical titles, you
who are obviously heretical and erroneous in belief, they do not dare, even though it
would be in keeping with their declarations, to come into sacramental communion with
you, because they know from that moment they will immediately lose their own
ecclesiastical identity. Does this not make up the most blatant proof of the false doctrines
of Ecumenism? If they indeed believe their unacceptable and provocative declarations,
then let them dare to take the step into sacramental communion, because otherwise they
prove by their actions the emptiness of the ecclesiastical titles which they give to you
false bishops of the false believers. Clear conformation of the above was the last-minute
cancellation of your personal attendance at the celebrations of the 1700th anniversary of
the Edict of Milan in Niš, Serbia, on June 10th, 2013,3 and the cancellation of your visit
to the Holy Mountain of Athos the same month,4 as rumor has it.
In communicating with you through this present Episcopal letter, we desire that it be
made known to you that, according to the diachronic Holy Scriptural, Canonical and
Patristic Tradition and according to the infallible conscience of the fullness of the Eastern
Orthodox Catholic Church, Papism, of which you are the leader, Your Excellency, is not
a “Church,” but a religious community, a parasynagogue, a heresy, an alteration, a
demolishing and a total perversion of the Truth, namely, of the very God-man, Christ.
Hosts of Orthodox Councils have condemned Papism as a heresy. We will cite some
significant examples: The Council of 879-880 in Constantinople, under the Ecumenical
Patriarch, Archbishop of Constantinople and New Rome, Saint Photios the Great, Equal
to the Apostles, which condemned as heretical the teaching of the Filioque, and is
considered by the consciousness of the Church to be the 8th Ecumenical Council, because
in it were representatives of all the Patriarchates, including the then Orthodox Pope of
Rome, John the 8th, and because the decisions of this council were universally accepted.
Unfortunately, this heterodox belief has prevailed as your official teaching, from the
beginning of the 11th century (1014) until today. Papism adopted after more than a
millennium, a heretical teaching, which Rome had already condemned along with the
other Orthodox Patriarchates, refuting and condemning itself as a heresy. Besides that, all
the subsequent Orthodox Councils, like the Constantinopolitan Councils of 1170, 1341,
1450, 1722, 1838, and 1895 unequivocally condemned Papism as a heresy.5 What is
more, all of the Saints who lived after the schism of 1054, such as St. Germanos Patriarch
of Constantinople, St. Gregory Palamas, St. Mark of Ephesus, St Simeon of Thessalonica,
St. Nicodemus the Hagiorite, St. Cosmas of Aetolia, St Nektarios of Pentapolis, Saint
Justin Popović and others,6 with one voice, condemn Papism as a heresy. Papism is not a
3 «Ἐματαίωσαν τήν ἐπίσκεψιν τοῦ αἱρεσιάρχου Πάπα εἰς τήν Ὀρθόδοξον Σερβίαν αἱ άντιδράσεις κλήρου-
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4 «Φοβερόν : Ὁ Πάπας «ἔβαλεν πλώρην» διά τό Ἅγιον Ὄρος»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος 9-8-2013, «Ἀντιπαπικά
λάβαρα ὑπό διπλῆς συνάξεως τῶν εἴκοσι Ἱερῶν Μονῶν τοῦ Ἁγίου Ὀρους. Ἠχηρὸν μήνυμα τῆς Ἱερᾶς
Κοινότητος τοῦ Ἁγιωνύμου Ὄρους πρὸς τὸ Φανάριον καὶ τὸν Πάπαν» Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος (6-9-2013) 1, 7.
5 ΠΡΕΣΒ. ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΟΣ ΓΚΟΤΣΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ, Ἡ συμπροσευχή μέ αἱρετικούς. Προσεγγίζοντας τήν
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6 ibid. pp. 33-36.
“Church” but a State – the Vatican, a worldly organization, with a government, with you,
the “Pope,” as leader, with the Cardinals as Ministers and Secretaries and with the “Bank
of the Holy Spirit.” Neither is Papism a “Roman Catholic Church,” because it is neither
Roman, nor Catholic, nor a Church. It has no relation with Romiosini or with Romania. It
isn’t Catholic since it separated of its own will from the Catholic Orthodox Church in
1054 A.D. and since then it doesn’t possess the fullness of the Orthodox Faith of our
Holy Fathers, which you have distorted. You are not a Church, since you became a State,
falling, instead, to the third temptation of Christ.7 You accepted the Devil’s proposal to
make you almighty earthly rulers in return for your allegiance to him. We Orthodox are
the true Roman Catholic Church. We Orthodox are the Romans: to us belong Romania,
Romiosini. Orthodoxy is the One Holy, CATHOLIC, and Apostolic Church, the true
Roman Catholic Church, as we confess in the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Symbol of
The fact that Papism is a heresy is revealed by the appalling false doctrines which you
confess. These are: I) the political existence and structure of the Vatican with ministries,
bureaucracies and banks; II) the Filioque (the alleged procession of the Holy Spirit also
from the Son); III) created Grace; IV) the primacy of power; V) the possession of worldly
and spiritual power by the Pope; VI) Papal infallibility; VII) the theories that the Pope is
the ultimate judge and Archpriest, the supreme authority and monarch of the Church;
VIII) Baptism by sprinkling and the separation of it from the mystery of Chrismation; IX)
the use of unleavened bread (Host); X) the transforming of the bread and wine into the
Body and Blood of Christ with the words of institution rather than at the invocation of the
Holy Spirit as well as the doctrine of transubstantiation; XI) the depriving of the Blood of
Christ to the laity; XII) the depriving of Holy Communion to children; XIII) Maryworship;
XIV) the dogma of the “immaculate conception” and the “bodily assumption”
of the Mother of God; XV) purgatory; XVI) indulgences; XVII) the so-called
“superabundant merits” of Christ; XVIII) the “superabundant merits” of the Saints; XIX)
the merits of the works of man; XX) statuary and the secularization of religious art
instead of Orthodox iconography; XXI) the mandatory celibacy of the clergy; XXII) the
recognition of murderers (Stepinac) as “saints”; XXIII) the doctrine of the satisfaction of
divine justice (the result of confusion regarding original sin and the legalism which is
prevalent in Papism); XXIV) the rejection of Holy Tradition and the taking advantage of
it as a tool for Papal claims (the Pope is Tradition); XXV) the belief that the “infallible
Pope” is the only guardian, judge and interpreter of Divine Revelation; XXVI) the socalled
“Church Suffering,” which is allegedly made up of the faithful who are presently
in purgatory; XXVII) the rejection of the equality of bishops; XXVIII) the Vatican’s
centralized and despotic administrative system where the “Pope” is absolute monarch,
which introduced Caesaropapism; XXIX) the social/humanitarian character of the
monastic orders; XXX) the impersonal and juridical character of the mystery of
confession; XXXI) and, finally, the accursed Uniate, the Trojan horse of Papism.8
7 Matt. 4:8-10.
8 Ἡμέτερον βιβλίον, Αἱ αἱρέσεις τοῦ Παπισμοῦ, Ἀθήνα 2009, pp. 175-233.
Thus, Your Excellency, because Papism was cut off from the Orthodox Catholic Church,
you lost the Orthodox Faith and developed the above heresies, and therefore it is only
natural for you to be in a state of continuous crisis, which has even been openly exhibited
as of late. “The crisis in the Vatican is a crisis of Papism. One observer commented that
the new Pontifex should employ shock therapy to the Church. Another commented that
Papism is facing the worst crisis since the French Revolution, while a third compared the
current crisis with the Reformation, Calvin and Luther. To a degree, the crisis rhetoric is
justifiable. With the trends that weaken the faith in the western world – the rise of
personal spirituality, the influence of atheism, the void between traditional Christian
ethics and modern reality – Papism has added scandal, hardening and a communicational
tactic more orientated to the media of 1848.”9
It is a general conclusion and universal axiom that evil and corrupt dogmas give birth to
an evil and corrupt way of life. As well, the reverse is true that an evil and corrupt way of
life gives birth to evil and corrupt dogmas. There exists an unbroken relationship between
dogma and lifestyle, dogma and ethics, or, as it is put theologically, orthodoxy and
orthopraxis. It is just as bad to have evil dogmas as it is to have an evil way of life. This
is because one is the mother of the other; and whoever has the one is reduced to the other.
Of course, this axiom is witnessed to in the Holy Scriptures and in the entirety of Holy
There is not one, nor a few, but an infinite amount of misconducts and anti-Christian
practices which result from the Papist heresies. One such example is the annual
“crucifixions” of the faithful on Great and Holy Friday, primarily in the Philippines. This
year there were more crucifixions than in any previous years. “Easter in the Philippines, a
country where 80% of the 94 million citizens are Papists. Thousands of faithful and
tourists arrived in the city of San Fernando in the province of Pambagna 60 kilometers
north of Manilla, where more than 30 men were crucified. 57 year old Vilfredo Salvador
stated that he was crucified for the first time seven years ago, to give thanks to Christ for
all the miracles in his life, but also to atone for his sins.”10 The spiritual shallowness,
which you inspire in your simple-minded followers, is unbelievable. As a rule you teach
the opposite of that which the Gospel teaches and you serve to totally subject your
followers to your designs! We mention as an example the unbelievable magic rites which
take place in the papal temples of Latin America, of which even the neopagans are
jealous, because the Papists can relive the ancient pagan rites with such accuracy and
passion. The point at hand is Christ was crucified in our place, and asks from us, instead,
9 Ἡ κρίση στό Βατικανό κρίση τοῦ Καθολικισμοῦ, The New York Times – from the newspaper
013_513899, http://www.amen.gr/article12799
10 Website: ΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ.
the crucifixion of our passions and our old, evil, corrupted selves!11
Your “clergy,” Your Excellency, in the evenings view films with sensual content. At least
that is the claim of the website Torrent Freak, which reveals how “piracy exists even
inside the Vatican,” publishing the full list of films and television shows, which were
recently downloaded. The nearly 800 priests, monastics, and other faithful, who reside at
the Vatican, show as their preference for television shows Chicago Fire, Lightfields, The
Neighbors and Touch; for romantic films, Love Actually was among the top pics, as well
as many other films inappropriate for underage viewers. The website published further
information about films which were downloaded inside the Vatican in 2012, including
films featuring hard-core pornography! Titles such as TS Pussy Hunters with its
transsexual porn star, the lesbian movie, Whipped Ass, and the sadomasochistic Russian
Slaves were downloaded!12 Sadly, such reports are hardly shocking when they are seen
alongside the thousands of cases of pederasty and child abuse at the hands of “priests” of
the “Holy See,” which presents itself as a “Church”!
When a healthy spiritual life, ascesis and the Grace of God are absent, and when luxury,
comfort, opulence and power-mongering are found in abundance, it is natural that this
corrupt atmosphere will inevitably give birth to such incidents.13 The head of the
conference of Italian “bishops,” cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, appeared in an online video
giving the host (“Holy Communion”) to a famous transsexual political activist, who was
dressed in women’s clothes! The “performance” took place at the funeral of another
“priestly darling,” the controversial Genoan “priest,” Fr. Andrea Gallo, who was a
confessed Marxist and out-spoken advocate for homosexuals, and who last year was
awarded “Gay Character of the Year” by homosexual activists. In fact, during your
election, he was in favor of the election of a confessed homosexual as Pope! This same
man also proposed homosexual relations between “clergy,” with the aim of reducing the
cases of pederasty among the Papist “priests!” At the funeral service, the transvestite was
given the floor, who from the pulpit praised the reposed thus: “You opened to us the
doors of your church and your heart. I thank you that you made us transsexual beings feel
that this was the will of God, and that we were loved by God. We hope that many others
will follow your example and somebody will ask forgiveness!” Unbelievable! This
impudent transsexual proclaiming inside a Papist temple and before the “clergy” that
sodomy is the will of God! Meanwhile, the pathetic “archbishop” not only didn’t kick
him out of the temple, but instead, he “communed” him! And what is more scandalous –
the Vatican is playing deaf to the protests of the believers, who have characterized the
service as a “porno-funeral.”14
The secularization of the “Holy See” has no boundaries. And why should it, since it is
clearly a worldly institution, which is concerned only with worldly matters and is
indifferent to spirituality? The following incident is clearly representative of this worldly
spirit, which rules the Vatican and you, Your Excellency, who call yourself “Pope.” You
11 «Ἡ πνευματική ρηχότης τοῦ Παπισμοῦ», Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος 26-4-2013.
12 Website: ΧΑΙΡΕΤΕ.
13 «Ἐξεχείλισεν ἡ ἠθική βρωμιά τοῦ Βατικανοῦ»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος 17-5-2013.
14 «Πνευματικότης μηδέν διά τήν «Ἁγίαν Ἕδραν»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος 21-6-2013.
“blessed” thousands of Harley Davidson motorcycles and their owners during the
celebration of the 110th anniversary of the founding of the Harley Davidson Company!
St. Peter’s square at the Vatican was filled with motorcycles and the noise drowned out
even your own voice when you blessed the faithful who had gathered in the square after
Sunday Mass. “Just because we are bikers doesn’t mean that we aren’t catholic,” one
rider recounted. Recently the president of Harley Davidson gave you two Harley
Davidsons, and even a leather jacket! The absence of spirituality in the western heresy
has driven it into such absurdities that now even the “Pope” causes media storms with his
“hip” persona!15
We reiterate that there exists a total absence of spirituality in Papism. We are not talking
about a “Church,” but a worldly organization that is, at its best moments, a religion – one
of many world religions, which is interested in fulfilling nothing more than the base
psychological-spiritual urges of its followers. Christ’s true Church is neither a worldly
organization nor is it a religion (in the psychological meaning of the term), but is a “new
creation,”16 the newly restored community of those who have been reborn in Christ, the
“leaven,” which leavens the fallen world, transforming it to a communion of love, based
on the prototype of the Triune God, which is an existence of love – the divine workshop,
which deifies the human person. Papism, however, is nothing like this, which is clearly
proved by its behavior for the last thousand years. You proved it yourself, Your
Excellency, during your recent journey to Brazil. To attract the millions of your lost
Brazilian followers, you employed the soccer lingo that the fanatic hooligans of the
stadiums use as they attempt to drive their opponents into total humiliation. This abysmal
“athletic” hate can only be characterized as satanic, hate that reaches the point of killing
one’s opponents! From this rabble of the athletic underworld, Your Excellency, you drew
the terminology for your invitation to your apostatized former-followers, as would a
manager of a football team. Similarly, we point out that it is not by chance that you
yourself are a football fanatic! Since Papism doesn’t have the authentic and patristic
spiritual means (because it abandoned and betrayed them) with which to speak to modern
man, it uses what it has: street slang! Instead of the Church transforming the world, the
world instead has devoured the western “Church”! Unfortunately, this is Papism – with
no sign of spirituality, and remade according to the image and likeness of a football
It is literally impossible to keep up with the total secularization of the Papist heresy.
According to one report, it seems that some Papist “clergy” have strange ideas of how to
approach the faithful and bring them to the Church. After one “priest” from Mexico
sewed superheroes onto his vestments, serving “together” with Batman and Superman
and distributing holy water with a water gun, another priest, this time from Italy, seems to
have confused the altar area with a night club stage. In the video, which is
(understandably) making its way around the world, the priest from Milan left bystanders
at a wedding speechless as he merged the sacrament of marriage with the after-wedding
15 «Πάπας ὁ μηχανόβιος»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος 19-7-2013
16 Gal. 6:15.
17 «Ἡ ὁρολογία τῶν γηπέδων τοῦ Πάπα Φραγκίσκου»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος (27-9-2013) 2.
party, placing a radio on the Holy Table and putting on his favorite song!18 Some,
however, might say that these are merely isolated incidences and that they do not reflect
Papism as a whole. They are unaware, then, that not once was a single objection raised by
the “Holy See,” and not only for these incidents, but for all the others, which are coming
to light on a daily basis! The decline of Papism is a foregone conclusion and there is only
more to come.19
In the Papist parish of St. Anthony Abate in Messina on September 3rd, 2013, masses
were performed using plastic and glass bowls and cups. Of course, this wasn’t the first
time something like this has happened. Lately during World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de
Janeiro, plastic “communion chalices” were used!20
Wearing a cassock that has Superman and Batman on it, and brandishing a multicolored
water pistol, the Papist “priest” Omberto is preparing for the customary Mass at the
parish of Ojos de Agua in Coahuila, Mexico. Happy Children and their parents are filling
the temple, anxiously waiting for the moment when the “priest” will soak them with holy
In addition, the fanciful idea of the Mexican “priest” is not only entertaining but also
effective, since he has managed with this method to approach children and the younger
members of the faithful. His revolutionary appearance causes at the very least interest,
and as a result more and more people are attending his Masses21. The Papist “liturgical”
revival continues with beer, assuages and songs.22
According to a report from the Greek website DOGMA, a Capuchin “monk” sings heavy
metal! “At first glance, Cesare Bonizzi is a simple monk of the Capuchin order, with
sandals, habit and a magnificent beard. The former missionary to the Ivory Coast lives
near Milan and he is a fan and singer of heavy metal. It all started when he attended a
Metallica concert fifteen years ago. Even if he is ‘religious,’ as he states, he wants to send
a message to people, a message about life, its meaning and its enjoyment. As he himself
has stated, he has never had a problem with his superiors. A sample of his musical output
is a cd with heavy metal songs dedicated to the Holy Virgin. At any rate, as most people
assert, who understand the mission of a monk, heavy metal music can’t be considered as
a monks ‘handicraft.’ It is a departure from the ascetical struggle and from prayer!” We
simply have the following observations: a) that heavy metal music is used for the
expression and propagation of Satanism; b) that the “heavy metal monk” speaks about
“enjoyment of life,” which is unknown in Christian teaching; and c) that “he has never
had a problem with his superiors,” and neither shall he, because the Vatican is not
18 Website: dogma.gr
19 «Ἡ γενική κατάπτωσις τοῦ Παπισμοῦ εἶναι ἐμφανής»! Ὀρθόδοξος Τύπος (27-9-2013) 2.
20 3-9-2013, Παπικές «λειτουργίες» μέ ποτήρια (γυάλινα καί πλαστικά) καί σαλατιέρες, http://aktines.
21 19-2-2013Παπικός «ἱερέας» ψεκάζει «ἁγιασμό» μέ νεροπίστολο,
22 19-2-2013 Συνεχίζεται ἡ παπική «λειτουργική» ἀναγέννηση, http://aktines.blogspot.gr/2013/02/blogpost_
interested in such details as spirituality!23
Finally, Your Excellency, you accomplished the following unbelievable and yet true act –
you revived the “indulgences” of the Middle Ages by way of the Internet! This time you
are not selling them, but giving them away, through your Twitter account. This very
strange news report was brought to light by the Greek website THE NEWS (TA NEA):
“Pope Francis is giving away ‘indulgences’ to all who follow him on Twitter. In an effort
to keep in step with modern times, the Vatican decided to marry one of its oldest
traditions with the world of social networking, offering ‘indulgences’ to all who follow
pope Francis on twitter during the Catholic World Youth Day. This privilege is given by
the Vatican with just one click. This way the faithful secure less time in purgatory after
they have also confessed their sins. According to a report in the British magazine The
Guardian, one may obtain ‘indulgences’ by participating in the Catholic World Day of
Youth in Rio de Janeiro. Those who are unable to be present have the ability to follow the
happening through the messages on the Pope’s Twitter account!” Your Excellency, place
your hand on your heart and tell me truly: Is there even a chance that you are a “Church”
and that we could somehow be united with you? On our part, we cannot see any change
from the Papism of the Middle Ages24 which gave birth to the Inquisition, religious wars,
the Crusades, Humanism, the Protestant Reformation, atheism and the de-Christianization
of Europe.
The ink was barely dry on the dramatic announcement of the resignation of His
Excellency, Benedict, and hardly had the tears dried on the faces when the first bomb was
dropped, which, in all probability, was connected to his “quiet” resignation. In a report of
special interest, which was brought to light by the Greek website “ΞΥΠΝΗΣΤΕ ΡΕ,” we
read: “A German Pope abandons the Vatican and a German banker arrives. Ernstvon
Freyberg, who is 54 years old, will take over the reigns of a bank with 6 billion Euros and
44,000 secret accounts, amongst which is the Pontiff’s own account. The taking over of
the management of the Vatican Bank by the German banker is expected on 24th of May
2012, after his predecessor, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was dismissed for wanting the
finances of the Vatican to become more transparent. During this year the Bank was left
without a head, a fact which inflated the rumors about the non-transparency of the Pope’s
finances!” That is only a first answer to those who have rushed to have a look behind the
“pure motives” of the resignation! So much for the “holy business” of the “Holy See,” of
the “successors of St. Peter,” nor does this surprise us, because the Vatican is a State and
not a “Church”!25
23 «