Father Matei Vulcănescu has the working priesthood

The Metropolitan Church of Piraeus brings some clarifications regarding a hilarious press release given by the Metropolitan Church of Muntenia and Dobrogea where it was said that the priest Matei Vulcănescu is forbidden to serve on the canonical territory of the respective Metropolitan Church:

After the intentional or unintentional misinterpretation of the announcement of the Holy Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrogea from ​​the Romanian Patriarchate related to the non-granting of the canonical permission of the Archpriest Matei Vulcanescu, clergyman of our Holy Metropolitanate, to perform services on the canonical territory:

“clergyman of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus excommunicated by the Romanian Patriarchate ”

This title is hilarious and We want to clarify the fact that there is obviously a confusion between the canonical punishment of excommunication ( which is impossible to apply this to a foreign clergyman from Metropolitan Church of Piraeus) and the denial to perform canonical services in its diocese to a foreign clergyman.


We make a brief remark, even with the risk of repeating, for the reader to understand this situation:

We cannot talk about excommunication, because the Romanian Patriarchate does not have the right to excommunicate a priest  who canonically doesn’t subordinate to it.

In other words, the Romanian Patriarchate cannot “excommunicate” a priest who belongs to another patriarchy.

The right to forbid a priest from another diocese / metropolis / patriarchy to serve on a diocese is established by the local bishop, often at his will. This does not mean that the priest is not canonical or is barred from the service of the saints.

We mention that Father Matei Vulcănescu has the working priesthood, and the Metropolitan Church of Piraeus, to which he belongs canonically, did not place any prohibition on him to serve in any canonical place of worship. On behalf of Metropolitan Seraphim, who is the first abbot of the diocese to which he belongs canonically, Father Matei Vulcănescu, has all the rights to serve where he is received.