Orthodoxy and Ecumenism | The "Holy and Great Council" of Crete

The “branch theory” ecclesiology of Vatican II and the “Council” of Crete

15 June 2022
For an in-depth study of this topic please read “The Ecclesiological Renovation […]

Ukrainian schism

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Orthodoxy and Ecumenism

Metropolis of Piraeus condemns ecumenistic statements from Patriarch of Alexandria

7 February 2020
On January 20, Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria met with the Pope Tawadros […]

The "Holy and Great Council" of Crete | Ukrainian schism

The „Holy and Great Council” of Crete attacks the Synodality of the Orthodox Church

6 February 2020
Through the false “Holy and Great” Council of Crete 2016, the synodal […]


Featured | The "Holy and Great Council" of Crete

Discussion with Elder Gabriel about the Council of Crete.

28 October 2023
The Body of Christ is blasphemed (Christological heresy) During the discussion I […]

Confession of Our Faith | Featured

The book “The Church: Deifying Relations”  Fr. John (Patrick) Ramsey

25 October 2023
This study of Fr. Patrick sheds light on the proper appreciation towards […]

Confession of Our Faith | Featured

Protopresbyter Angelos Angelakopoulos: How Orthodoxy overcame the false-synod of Ferrara-Florence

30 June 2023
(This lecture was presented at the Conference «Saint John’s Readings», which took […]

Featured | Orthodoxy and Ecumenism

Letter to Metropolitan Onuphry of Kyiv and All Ukraine

3 April 2023
Your Beatitude Metropolitan Onuphry, We know the difficult situation that the canonical […]

Confession of Our Faith | Mărturisire de credință ortodoxă

The testimony of Fr. Mathew Vulcanescu about services performed during the covid restrictions

3 December 2022
We continued celebrating the Holy Liturgy all the way through the “pandemic” […]

Confession of Our Faith | Featured | Mărturisire de credință ortodoxă | Orthodoxy and Ecumenism

The Synodikon of Orthodoxy 2022

5 March 2023
Anathemas 1. Arius, the first fighter against God: Anathema! 2. Wulfila the […]

Confession of Our Faith | Featured | The "Holy and Great Council" of Crete | Ukrainian schism

Letter to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia 

3 December 2022
On the causes of the Church crisis because of granting the Status […]

Teachings of Orthodoxy

A contemporary saint: Valeriu Gafencu

25 March 2022
Valeriu Gafencu is a contemporary Martyr Saint of Romanian people. He reached […]